About Us

We want to have people who visit us come away happier than when they first came in.  We aim to do this by offering hand crafted specialty coffee in a welcoming space, to inspire interaction that will nurture the human spirit.

We delight in serving specialty coffee because of its rarity and distinctiveness.  Mostly, zero to low defect coffee beans that grow in specific micro-climates are used.  Only about 1% of coffee produced is good enough to be specialty grade.

However, the idea behind Dulcédo Coffee was a lifetime in the making and didn't happen all at once.  Part of the inspiration came from growing up in Veracruz, Mexico with 200 year old Spanish colonial period coffee shops, rendezvous with my future wife at local shops and travels through Europe.

​Our name, Dulcédo, means sweetness in mediaeval Latin.  The inspiration for the name came from praying the Save Regina antiphon by Blessed Hermann von Reichenau.  The name seemed fitting to us.  Not only does it convey a certain pleasurable experience, but also hints to the possibilities of what well brewed coffee can truly yield. 

- Oscar

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