Richmond, Texas
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Truly Great Coffee

We believe in traditional values of quality work.  We demonstrate our quality work by offering handcrafted specialty coffee in a welcoming space, as a way to inspire interaction that will nurture the human spirit.  Special care will be taken to quality, proportions, brewing methods and sourcing from specialty coffee roasters.


Specialty coffee is rare and distinctive.  At our coffee shop and eatery, we are vigilant in maintaining quality with our obsession to the smallest detail.  Each doppio espresso will be weighed out to 17.5 – 18.0 grams of coffee.  Coffee extractions will be properly timed and grinders will be adjusted frequently throughout the day to compensate for changes in humidity.  Laxity in the process would otherwise yield an inconsistent product.

Pour-over Coffee 


The pour-over method of brewing coffee is nothing new and was popularized during the first half of the 20th century.  This form of manual coffee-making gives the Barista, like nothing else, the opportunity to display their skill and technique.


At its most basic level, it consists of pouring hot water over and through coffee grounds to extract the desired coffee flavors.  However, coffee flavors are sensitive to extraction rates, water temperature and uniformity in saturation.


This is where the Barista must be skilled enough to adjust each of those variables perfectly.  One must select the right grind setting, water temperature and have a steady hand that can uniformly saturate the grounds, all the while creating a steady pour that will extract the right flavors.

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